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All freshness – no stains. Aloe Ever-Shield is an efficient deo stick with a smooth texture that keeps you fresh all day, without staining your clothes.

Let’s get rid of the remains of winter, Forever Aloe Scrub helps your skin get in shape for spring. Efficient exfoliation all over your body – based on our own Aloe Vera, of course.

Today, we celebrate International Day of Happiness. Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated the International Day of Happiness as a way to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. What makes you happy? Tell us!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everybody! Why not celebrate with something really green? Like Forever Fields of Greens – as supplement that’s as green as it gets!

Out with the old lifestyle, in with the new one: spring is the time for getting things in order. Check out our C9-pack, a 9-day kick start towards your new, healthier lifestyle.

With their amazing ingredients, these basic products are a must if you want the very best for your skin. Our targeted skin care line is a great complement to your other skin care favourites, and our new organic cotton pads make for a gentle, effective cleanse.

Aloe Ever-Shield is a gentle but efficient deo stick with caring Aloe Vera, but free from aluminum chloride. With its mild scent, it suits both ladies and gents: A Forever classic that never goes out of style.

To all you amazingly, strong, smart and independent ladies of Forever: this is your day. So, make sure you celebrate all the hard work you do, we couldn’t possibly be prouder!

Ladies and gentlemen: we present your favorite Forever Classic: Forever Aloe Lips. Great choice, we couldn’t agree more. Thanks for voting!